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About Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Company

Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Company is a China-based forklift truck and material-handling equipment manufacturer, primarily producing internal combustion forklift trucks, electric forklift trucks, battery stackers, electric reach trucks, order pickers, and other material-handling equipment. We were ISO9001:2000 certified in 2004. In 2007, we were relocated to the Hangzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone and greatly increased our production capacity. Now we can provide 3000 units of internal combustion forklift trucks, 1000 units of electric forklift trucks, and 1000 units of material-handling equipment annually, and we will deliver your order within 30 days. Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Company has become a leading forklift truck exporter in China.

Products and Application
Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Company was created from the business division of Hangzhou Good Friend Precision Machinery Company, Ltd. Since our foundation, we have gained much experience in the manufacturing of forklift trucks. We are now able to offer a variety of forklift trucks and material handling equipment, including diesel forklift trucks, gasoline forklift trucks, LPG forklift trucks, electric towing trucks, hand stackers, order pickers, and more. Our forklift trucks and warehouse equipment feature reliable performance and energy efficiency, resulting in their wide application in ports, warehouses, airports, distribution centers, etc. As they are CE and SGS certified, our products are exported to over 30 countries, including the USA, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Israel, UAE, Oman, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, etc.

Quality Control
At Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Company, our internal combustion forklift trucks, electric forklift trucks, and material handling equipment serve the global market. Therefore, 70% of our production is shipped overseas. To ensure our customers are satisfied with our diesel forklift trucks and DC electric forklift trucks, we focus on quality. First, we adhere to ISO9001 regulations, and we have also established our own, additional quality control measures. In addition, we've imported several high-precision components, including the U.S. MICO electronic braking system, Japanese and Korean gear boxes and accelerators, and SEVCON controllers from the UK. By utilizing wet brakes, crest welders, and surface mounting technologies, we have improved our production efficiency without compromising quality.

With our complete customer service, clients can feel assured in using our diesel forklift trucks, electric forklift trucks, and other products. For instance, we provide a one year warranty for the key components of our products, covering free replacement. In addition, we include free spare parts with our diesel forklift trucks, gasoline forklifts, LPG forklift trucks, battery stackers, and other products. With our talented design team, we can also provide OEM service for forklift trucks or material-handling equipment, upon request.

Located in Hangzhou city, we have easy access to airports, highways, and seaports, so our customers pay less in shipping our electric towing trucks, electric reach trucks, hand pallet trucks, internal combustion forklift trucks, or other forklifts and material handling equipment. We welcome you to try our products!

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